commercial Ships

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Freezer Trawler

Freezer Trawler, Norway, 1980

Wet Fish Trawler ex. Freezer Trawler

Wet Fish Trawler, Norway

Stern Trawler

Stern Trawler

Stern Trawler, 1988

Stern Trawler, Sweden, 1988

Freezer Longliner, 1987, Norway

Freezer Longliner 1987, Norway

Freezer ex. Wet Fish Twin Rigged Stern Trawler

Freezer ex. Wet Fish Twin Rigged Stern Trawler

Tuna Longliner

Tuna Longliner 1991, Japan

Workboat Pangbrandur

Workboat Pangbrandur, 1995

Seismic Surgery Vessel ex. Freezer Stern Shrimp

Seismic Survery Vessel, 1986

Wet Fish Stern Trawler

Wet Fish Stern Trawler, 1985, Faroe Islands

Wet Fish Trawler

Wet Fish Trawler, 1984, Faroe Islands

Purse Seiner/ Pelagic Trawler

Purse Seiner/ Pelagic Trawler, 1989, Norway

Stern Trawler

Stern Trawler, 1999, UK

Container Carrier

Container Carrier, 1995, Germany

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