Our core business is the agency of pre-owned yachts and new build projects. We offer specific advice and consultancy, the individual drafting of contracts, and the full organization and settlement of the purchase. Further to this, the team around Arne Schmidt will help with equipping, financing, valuation, transport, registration, as well as with questions relating to customs or VAT. The professional handling of international contracts and the trustworthy and reliable completion are our top priorities.

As part of SEA INDEPENDENT we can offer you the advantages and reach of a global brokerage organization. When selling your yacht, we can dramatically improve the chances of a swift sale on the global yacht market by listing it, without extra cost, in our world-wide network.

Potential buyers, on the other hand, can obtain a good overview of the global yacht market. Detailed information on every yacht is of course available and when arranging a viewing of the yacht, a broker of SEA INDEPENDENT will be there and answer all your questions on board.

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